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Top Products to Help with Independent Living | Blooms Blog

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 14 Aug 2020

Top Products to Help with Independent Living | Blooms Blog

If you’re looking to better support either yourself or loved ones with accessible products for independent living then Blooms The Chemist have a range of options for you to choose from. If greater home care is needed, then these products are highly useful for daily living as well as for senior and disability care.

We have a wide range of walking sticks for sale, including folding walking sticks, wooden walking sticks, collapsible walking sticks and foldable walking sticks.

Adjustable Two Handle Walking Stick

Our adjustable two handle walking sticks are made of light aluminium and are adjustable (83 – 95cm). They have a rubber stopper for superior grip and safety, along with a storage collar.

Aluminium Rollator Deluxe with Loop Brakes

Our aluminium rollator deluxe comes with comfortable padded seats with a removable basket and backrest. It also includes ergonomic hand grips with a locking brake as well as adjustable handles, and a lightweight aluminium frame that is easy to fold for travel and storage. A rollator allows you to walk at a quicker pace with easy manoeuvrability as the wheels pivot in place. They also don’t require upper arm strength as they can be easily pushed around.

Rollators can be used if you have weaknesses in your arms and are not able to lift things, but you still have a good sense of balance. They also can be useful if you require a rest more often after you’ve walked for a while as they are equipped with a seat.

Care equipment such as donut cushions and reachers may also be needed to allow for better comfort and accessibility while at home.

Convoluted Donut Cushion

Our convoluted donut cushions are designed to provide comfort and protection while helping to remove pressure and reduce pain that can be caused from a range of conditions.


Plastic shoehorns assist with positioning your foot into your shoe. They contain a handle at the top and are 56cm in length, perfect for times when you find it hard to reach down and take off your shoes.


Whether you’re struggling to grab something off the shelf or are having a hard time getting up out of your chair, reachers are helpful to use when items are not within easy reach. They contain an easy trigger handle, where the claws clasp to collect the item and are 76cm in length.

Your local Blooms The Chemist Pharmacy team can also assist with other products to help you live stress-free, including toilet aids and over toilet aids, and shower stools.

Aluminium Shower Chair

Our aluminium shower chair provides stability in the bathroom and includes a back rest for added support along with height adjustable legs.

Aluminium Shower Stool

Our aluminium shower stool provides stability in the bathroom and includes comfortable foam rubber grip arms along with height adjustable legs.

Over Toilet Aid

Our over toilet aids are suitable for toilets with either wall or floor recess and are built with a steel frame with a plastic seat and lid. They have an adjustable height and an armrest to assist along with rubber feet tips. The pan, lid and splash guard are also easy to clean. Maximum user weight 100kg.

Our Blooms The Chemist Pharmacy team provide friendly service and trusted advice, helping you to choose the right products for you. Our Blooms The Chemist Independent Living range can be found in-store or online here.