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​What is the Correct Length for a Walking Stick? | Blooms

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 1 Sep 2020

​What is the Correct Length for a Walking Stick? | Blooms

A walking stick provides support and stability to allow for better balance and can decrease the weight on an affected leg. You can experience issues such as back pain and have an increased risk of falling over or tripping if your walking stick isn't suited to you.

Many people don’t realise the importance of measuring for a walking stick, as people often believe that walking sticks should be based on the height of the user. But there is a specific way in which you should measure the correct height of the walking stick. You should be standing in the type of shoes you normally wear, with your arms hanging by your sides, you then measure from the bottom of the wrist bone to the floor. This will give you the appropriate height for your walking stick.

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We have a wide range of walking sticks for sale, including folding walking sticks, wooden walking sticks, collapsible walking sticks and foldable walking sticks.

Adjustable Two Handle Walking Stick

Our adjustable two handle walking sticks are made of light aluminium and are adjustable (83 – 95cm). They have a rubber stopper for superior grip and safety, along with a storage collar.

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