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​When Should You Start to Use a Rollator | The Blooms Blog

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 21 Sep 2020

​When Should You Start to Use a Rollator | The Blooms Blog

Rollators can be used if you have weaknesses in your arms and are not able to lift things, but you still have a good sense of balance. They also can be useful if you require a rest more often after you’ve walked for a while as they are equipped with a seat. If you also require oxygen tanks, rollators would be the better choice as they contain a storage department.

Rollators can be used regardless of age and are suitable for people who need appropriate support. These include the elderly, people with conditions such as Parkinson and young people who are suffering from physical injuries.

Some questions to ask if you are considering purchasing a rollator include, do you find that you are needing to sit down more often when walking? Is walking becoming more painful for you and have you noticed that you are less steady and stable when you walk?

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