Audisol Ear Cleansing Spray 50mL

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General Product Description

Audisol Ear Cleansing Spray is a gentle, effective, natural and non-medicated spray which helps in cleaning your ears of wax build up.
Audisol does not contain any chemicals or preservatives. Ear wax is a natural production of the ear. However, excessive production of ear wax by the body and usage of cotton buds can push ear wax deeper into your ears and cause wax build up, and in some cases, ear plugs.


Key Features

  • Washes away ear wax
  • Prevents build up of ear wax
  • Keeps ears feeling clean & fresh


Directions for Use

Insert the nozzle as far as the nozzle allows you to.
Give one short squirt in one or both ears as needed; usually 2 to 3 times per week or 1-2 times a day when needed, for example when using hearing aids or earplugs frequently or when experiencing symptoms of wax related obstruction in the ear canal.
Tip the head to the side and wipe away any residual liquid in the outer ear. Do not dry very vigorously as this may cause inflammation of the sensitive skin in the ear.
Rinse the transparent end-piece of the nozzle with warm soapy water after each use and leave to dry.



Always read and follow the directions for use. Incorrect use may be harmful. See packaging for full list of warnings

Do Not use if:

  • Allergic to any ingredients of Audisol
  • You have a history of perforation of the ear drum
  • You have had ear surgery
  • You have ear pain, inflammatin or infection
  • You are using other ear drops
  • You have grommets or PETs inserted in your ears




Natural seawater (diluted to Isotonic physiological level (0.9%) with Purified water).