BioRevive SilicolGel 200mL

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General Product Description

Silicol®Gel is an oral gel that treats BOTH the most common IBS symptoms AND provides relief from heartburn, reflux and vomiting.

Gastrointestinal disorders are usually caused by irritants and toxic substances as well as pathogens. When the gastrointestinal tract is disturbed by these toxic substances and pathogens the digestive tract can’t function normally.

Silicol®Gel has a unique mode of action – it physically adsorbs or binds to most irritants and toxins in the gut. Once attached to toxins, they are rendered harmless and can be removed naturally through the intestines and out of the body.


Key Features

  • Relieves heartburn, reflux & vomiting
  • Relieves medically diagnosed IBS symptoms such as nausea, flatulence, abdominal pain, bowel discomfort & diarrhoea
  • Silicol®Gel is FODMAP certified
  • Silicol®Gel is Gluten Free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Ideal for travel - SilicolGel also alleviates similar symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract that may occur due to a change in diet during travel or on holiday.


Directions for Use

Shake bottle well before use. Take 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of Silicol®Gel 3 times daily, an hour before meals. Take Silicol®Gel with a gap of at least 1 hour before or after the intake of medicines. Silicol®Gel can be taken either undiluted or diluted with water. 



Always read and follow the directions for use. Keep out of reach of Children

If initial symptoms worsen or have not reduced after three days, consult a doctor. Treatment can continue for up to 4 weeks as required. With diarrhoea, it is necessary to replace lost fluids.

Silicol®Gel should be taken with a gap of at least 1 hour before or after the intake of medicines, otherwise their effect could be impaired.



Active ingredients: 3.5 g Silicon dioxide in 100 mL Silicol®Gel.

Preservatives: Sorbic acid, Sodium benzoate.