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Bodichek Instant Cold Pack Large

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2 For $11

Product General Description
This instant cold pack is meant to be applied externally to a body surface to provide cold therapy. Bodichek cold pack can be used for temporary relief from headaches, migraines, toothache, muscle aches and sprains, prickly heat and most sporting injuries.

These packs are a good addition to any first aid kit. They are convenient to carry around as they do not need refrigeration. Bodichek instant cold pack has 1 large size cold pack meant for single use only.

Directions For Use
- Lay the pack flat on a hard surface and ensure that the contents are evenly distributed in the pack.
- Firmly strike the centre of the pack using the heel of your hand to rupture the inner fluid pouch.
- Shake the pack for 10 seconds to mix contents.
- Wrap in an insulating fabric or towel and apply to area where cold therapy is required

For external use only. Cold pack should be wrapped in a towel or insulating fabric to prevent discomfort or skin damage. Do not store in the freezer. Once activated do not refreeze. Do not puncture. If cold pack breaks and the liquid contacts skin or eyes, immediately flush area with large amounts of water. (it is nontoxic with no side effects).
Do not swallow contents. If contents accidentally swallowed, drink large amounts of water (not milk) and contact Poison Emergency Centre or medical physician. Adult supervision recommended. People who have circulatory or sensory problems, hypersensitivity to hot/cold therapy, or history of frostbite should consult a doctor before using this product.