Cationorm Eye Drops 0.4mL x 30 Vials

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General Product Description

A first-of-its-kind eye drop for dry eyes, specifically designed for long-lasting protection.*
The advanced technology creates a barrier to lock in moisture, giving dry eyes the time they need to heal.
Designed to act like natural healthy tears for minimal blurring and greater comfort.

Cationorm can help with:

  • Activities that lead to strained eyesight, such as working in front of a computer screen, prolonged reading…
  • Air conditioned work places.
  • Long journeys by car or plane
  • Polluted or dense atmospheres.
  • Contact lens wearers (can be used with or without contact lenses
  • Circumstances where improving the quality of the tear film or fighting against the sensation of dry eye is recommended.

*1 drop up to 4 times per day.


Key Features

  • Gentle enough for everyday use
  • Contact lens compatible
  • Creates a barrier to lock in miosture
  • Preservative free


Directions for Use

Before use, shake the ampoule, then twist off the top to open before administering as required.
And, because they’re single use, throw away the ampoule once you're finished, even if some emulsion is left.
Always take care not to touch the eye or eyelashes with the tip of the bottle or ampoule.

The normal dosage of Cationorm® is 1 drop per eye up to 4 times daily.



Always read and follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist consult your health professional




Mineral oils, glycerol, tyloxapol, poloxamer 188, tris hydrochroloride, tromethamine, cetalkonium chloride and water for injections.