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Blooms The Chemist White Paper

Lessons Learnt from the Frontline of a Health Emergency

As businesses across Australia continue to observe the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation around the world, there are still no ‘best practice’ action plans to adopt – and it is very much a case of adapt to survive and learn as you go.


To document the experience of the Blooms The Chemist pharmacies and Support Office, Blooms The Chemist has prepared a White Paper, taking a snapshot in time of the lessons learnt to date.


The White Paper outlines the steps taken by Blooms The Chemist to put in place contingency plans across all the pharmacies in the brand’s network to support staff, customers, and suppliers.


The Blooms The Chemist’s White Paper addresses themes such as:

  • Leadership in a crisis.
  • Best practice in pharmacy management.

  • Learnings from an internal perspective, including pharmacists and the broader team.

  • Insights from external stakeholders, such as suppliers.

  • Providing support to communities across Australia.


If you have any feedback you would like to share about the White Paper; please email