Duofilm 15mL

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General Product Description
Duofilm solution removes warts quickly by destroying wart tissue. It's safe & effective and can be used on common & planter warts.

Directions for Use
Apply Duofilm once daily, using the brush applicator from the bottle, until the wart has disappeared. For more detailed directions please refer to product instructon leaflet inside of box.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. 

Do Not Use:

  • If you have diabetes, circulatin problems, nerve damge, or had surgery around the wart area
  • On infants and very young children
  • On the face or ano-genital area
  • On broken skin, moles, birthmarks, or unusual skin growths
  • on large areas or omore than one mole in close proximity at a time

Active Ingredients: Salicylic acid 16.7% w/w, Lactic acid 16.7% w/w, Collodion B.P. q.s.