Elastoplast Tubular Band - Size C

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General Product Description

The Elastoplast Elastic Tubular Support Bandage c is a comfortable aid to aching limbs – particularly suited for ankles, elbows & wirsts. The tubular bandage provides compression and warmth to help reduce swelling and support joints during physical activity. The elastic bandage also doubles up as a quick and effective way to secure wound dressings. Suitable to be used as a preventative or post-injury option to provide support for strains, aches and sprains. The versatile design of the tubular elastic bandage means it can be used on multiple areas of the body for that little bit of extra support where you need it. With its 1 metre length, you can cut the tubular bandage to the size you want and fold over itself for stronger support.


Key Features

  • Supportive Sleeve: provides support by applying pressure to and injured limbs
  • Compression Bandage: helps to reduce swelling after a strain or sprain has occurred
  • Quick support: for temporary relief of tired, aching limbs
  • Multi-Use: can be used to secure wound dressings and protecting wound sites
  • Protective: provides extra support for joints during sporting activity

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. If Symptoms persist consult your health professional