Elastoplast Non-Stick Dressings 5 Pack

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  • A soft wound pad which can be easily removed from the wound.
  • Absorbs and protects the wound
  • Does not stick to the wound


General Description

Individual sterile wrapping Elastoplast Non-Stick Dressings are designed for open wounds, using highly absorbent material to stay dry and clean. The gentle two-sided dressing allows wounds to be compressed and heal without disruption or residue.

Best treated with an appropriate topical medication and secured in place with the included paper tape or Elastoplast Classic or Elastic Fabric Tape.

The contents come in individual, sterile wrapping and should not be reused.


Directions for Use

  • Step 1: Clean wound and surrounding area thoroughly before applying the compress.
  • Step 2: Use Elastoplast Gauze Bandage or Elastoplast Fixation Tape to secure the compress in place.
  • Apply a new dressing at least daily.



Seek medical advice immediately for all serious wounds and burns.