Nexcare Steri-Strip Closures 6mm x 75mm 60 Closures

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General Product Description

Nexcare Steri-Strip Skin Closures are ideal for securing, closing and supporting small cuts and wounds and for wound support following suture or staple removal. They hold firmly in place, and are breathable for greater comfort.

The sterile, adhesive skin closure strips are used to close lacerations, cuts, incisions or skin tears. They are a painless alternative to stitches. They are made of porous non woven backing material. They help reduce scarring .


Package contains 20 Sterile Envelopes each containing 3 White strips.


Key Features 

  • Sterile adhesive closure strips
  • Secure, close and support small cuts and wounds
  • Fast and easy application and removal
  • Helps reduce scarring


Directions for Use

1. Clean and dry wound and surrounding skin thoroughly.

2. Grasp package tabs and peel back to reveal card. Fold card along perforated lines and tear off card end tab. Remove strips at a 45 degree angle from the card.

3. Line up skin edges. At midpoint of the wound, apply one half of the first strip up to the wound edge and press firmly into place. Without applying tension to the strip, press the free half firmly into place.

4. Apply additional closures at approximately 3mm intervals as needed to complete dressing.

5. Additional closures may be applied 12.5mm from closure ends and parallel to the wound to distribute tension and hold all strips into place.

6. For removal of skin closure,  gently grasp the edge and slowly lift the steri-strip closure from each end, up to the wound site. Carefully lift the strip away from the wound surface. Do not lift off the closure from one end only or wound may reopen.



Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

Do not apply skin closures under tension; skin shearing or blistering may result.

Steri-strips are NOT to be used on dirty or infected cuts or wounds, or on puncture wounds.

Consult your health care provider if you notice any of these signs of infection: fever, pain, redness, swelling, itching, rash or burning.

Steri-strips are not to be used where adhesion cannot be obtained due to presence of oily or wet skin, excessive hair or excessive skin tension.

As with all adhesive products applied to the skin, a small percentage of individuals may experience temporary skin discolouration following removal.



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