Rescue Remedy Spray 20ml

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General Product Description

Traditionally used to relieve feelings of anxiety, nervous tension, stress, agitation or despair and provide a sense of focus and calm. Many women find it helps cope during labour and in the early days of new motherhood.

Rescue Remedy is a unique combination of five Bach Original Flower Remedies all working on emotional imbalances associated with daily stressful situations.


Over 60 years ago Dr Edward Bach recognised the need for an emergency treatment to help people cope with such everyday stressful situations and thus created Rescue Remedy. Still made to his exact specifications today, Rescue Remedy has become renowned for its calming and centering effects. It is now relied upon by millions of people around the world to provide unconditional support during demanding times.


Key Features & Benefits

  • The spray dispenser can assist in faster absorption
  • Relief from feelings of stress
  • Non drowsy
  • Non habit forming
  • Easy to Use
  • Vegan


Directions for Use

Bring the spray nozzle up to mouth and apply 2 sprays on the tongue.



When using this product keep away from eyes.
If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use.
Keep out of reach of children. 

Contains alcohol



Rescue Remedy is a combination of five of the Bach Flower Remedies:

Star of Bethlehem - Shock - physical, mental or emotional

Rock Rose - Terror or panic

Clematis - Inattention

Cherry Plum - Fear of losing control

Impatiens - Impatience and irritability