ResMed AirFit F20 CPAP Mask

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Key Features & Benefits:
    Innovative cushion design, Comfortable & flexible frame, Easy to use quick fit, Clear field of vision

CPAP Masks | ResMed AirFit F20 CPAP Mask


The ResMed AirFit F20 Mask has been designed to easily fit everyone. The AirFit F20 features an innovative InfinitySeal silicone cushion. Tested to perform at hightherapy pressures, it’s designed to comfortably fit patients of all facial shapes and sizes. It will appeal to patients looking for a less confined mask that delivers a clear line of sight.


Robust seal

This mask features an adaptive cushion that has been tested to prevent blow-outs, accommodate patient movement and provide a robust seal across high pressures.


Innovative InfinitySeal loops

The mask has been designed to provide consistent support to ensure a confident seal regardless of facial type, therapy pressure or mask movement.


Frosted silicone surface

Designed to provide a softer cushion texture around the sensitive nasal region for a comfortable seal and easy fit. Polished silicone finish Crafted to seal around the mouth and jawline for a smooth, reliable fit, designed to prevent cushion rideup.


Adaptive wings

Designed to accommodate a wide range of facial types by curving to the profile of each wearer.


Supportive rim

Designed to deliver stability and security to the adaptive areas of the cushion fora robust seal.


Contoured chin region

Aims to add increased compliance to the chin area for greater comfort and seal performance during movement.


Soft nasal bridge

Designed to shape to a patient’s nasal bridge for greater comfort, and minimise the likelihood of red marks.