Children's Cold & Flu

Be there for your little ones when they need it with our range of Children’s Cold and Flu products.

For little ones, there’s nothing worse than the sniffles and a runny nose. With our wide range of medicines to tackle the cold and flu, everyone will feel better in no time.


Children’s Cold & Flu FAQS

What causes the cold and flu in children?

The cold and flu is a very common virus that is easily spread from person to person, with healthy preschool children often getting at least 6 colds a year^. Children are likely to get sick more often as their immune systems are still developing.
^Healthdirect, Coughs and Colds in Children, accessed 1 November 2023

How can I stop a constant cough in my child?

Although constant coughing may sound scary, they are a common symptom of childhoold illness. It’s important to let your child to rest at home so their immune system can fight off the cough or cold and get better. You should also make sure that they drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamol or ibuprofen if they have a headache^.
^Healthdirect, Coughs and Colds in Children, accessed 1 November 2023