Eye Care

Got sore eyes? Explore our extensive range of eye care products that can help with dry eyes, sore eyes, watery eyes and more. 

Eye Care FAQS 

How do I take care of my eyes? 
It’s important to take care of your eyes through having regular eye check-ups, protect your eyes from hazards if you work a dangerous job by wearing safety glasses and protecting your eyes from overexposure to UV light through sunglasses. 

You should also be careful with screens and try to sit at least an arm's length away from a desktop computer screen and give your eyes a rest when they need it. 

Why do my eyes hurt? 
There are a range of reasons as to why your eyes might hurt. You can have eye pain because of injuries, inflammation and infections.  
When your eyes are sore, it’s important to look at your other symptoms before trying to figure out what is wrong.  

If your eye pain doesn’t respond to at home treatment like a cold compress, over-the-counter pain medication or more, it’s important to see your doctor for follow-up treatment. 

How do I care for a scratched eye? 
It’s painful scratching your eye. It’s very important that you don’t use any eye drops without first asking your doctor as there are no over-the-counter eye drops that are specifically for eye scratches. Visit your doctor or eye doctor before caring for your eye at home.