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Skincare Product FAQS 

What are the five basics of skin care? 
The five basics of skin care can sound overwhelming, but it’s essentially the way you should put the products on your face. They are: 

Cleansing, which is where you remove any debris and dead skin cells and should be done twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) 
Exfoliating, which you can do every day or a few times a week depending on what your skin goals are 
Using a toner, which refreshes your skin and can help it absorb the next products you’re putting on 
Moisturising, which is where you use a moisturiser on your skin to lock in hydration 
Protection, which is where you apply sunscreen to protect yourself against UV 

It’s important to be consistent with your skincare, as you won’t see results from your routine straight away. 

How can I take care of my skin naturally? 
This depends on your skin concerns. Natural skin care products typically don’t contain chemicals or may be more environmentally friendly, but depending on your skin concerns, they may not be able to treat your skin the way you want. 

Some labels you can look out for are ‘paraben-free’, which means that there weren’t any harmful chemicals included in this skincare, or ‘cruelty-free’, which means that it wasn’t tested on animals.