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Welcare Breatheasy Breathing Trainer Low Resistance

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General Product Description

The Welcare Breatheasy Breathing Trainer WBT-01 is a 100% drug free lung expansion device used to help strengthen the lungs, making breathing stronger and easier.

With regular use, this non-invasive device is suitable for rehabilitation of lung function for people with respiratory illness, post operative rehabilitation, or children over the age of 6 wanting to strengthen and improve overall lung function and increase the volume of the lungs. This may aid to make breathing stronger and easier.


Key Features

  • Low resistance of 33 - 87 cmH2O
  • Helps to reduce Breathlessness
  • Aids with the management of certain respiratory conditions
  • Suitable for people with lung conditions
  • 100% Drug free
  • Lightweight & Easy to use
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  •  Includes mouthpiece, nose clip, lanyard and 5 filters
  • Soft carry bag
  •  Latex, BPA and Phthalate free
  •  12 months warranty


Directions for Use

  1. If required, connect the Lanyard to the Breathing Trainer.
  2. Turn the Bottom Cover clockwise or counter clockwise to choose the desired resistance. You can see the indicator in the clear view window move up or down.
  3. Attach the Nose Clip to your nose.
  4. Connect the Mouthpiece securely to the Breathing Trainer.
  5. Sit in an upright position or stand up straight.
  6. The resistance should be set to level 0 for the first time. 
  7. Place the Mouthpiece between your lips.
  8. Inhale quickly and deeply. 
  9. Exhale slowly. 
  10. Try to complete 30 breaths in a row (30 breaths is recommended but Doctors advice should always be followed). - Gradually increase the resistance level if you can easily do 30 breaths at a time. - Turn the resistance adjustment clockwise to increase the resistance level, then repeat.

Note: Most people see improvements after 4 weeks. • It is recommended to exercise 30 times in the morning, and 30 times at night, daily. • If you feel fatigue or tired during exercise, please rest before continuing.



Always read and follow the directions for use. 

lnspiratory muscle training, such as training with a Breathing Trainer, is not recommended for patients with certain conditions, including the following: a. If you are suffering from a ruptured eardrum or any other condition of the ear. b. Patients with marked elevated left ventricular end-diastolic volume and pressure. c. Patients with worsening heart failure signs and symptoms after Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) or lnspiratory Muscle Training (IMT). d. Asthma patients who have low symptom perception and suffer from frequent, severe exacerbations or with an abnormally low perception of dyspnoea. If in doubt, consult your medical advisor.