Dynamiclear Rapid Cold Sore Treatment 2 Applications

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General Product Description

Dynamiclear is a powewrful natural formula for the treatment of facial cold sores. It only needs to be applied once and can be applied at any stage.


Key Features

  • Reduces Cold Sores Healing Time FAST - Within 24 - 48 Hour
  • Quick Pain Relief
  • Apply at any stage
  • Dries up blisters
  • One Application To One Outbreak


Directions for use

Step1. Insert application into glass vial provided watch liquid drawing up exposed end. If Liquid does not come out reverse insert the applicator into the glass vial

Step2. Hold applicator with glass vials and apply to the cold sores by gently pressing on the outbreak for 30 to 60secs. If applying at early stages on unbroken skin press and hold for longer time.

Step 3. If needed apply several times to the outbreaks over 5 to 10mins until most of the medicine is thoroughly absorbed.



Always read and follow the directions for use. If applying at Blistered or weeping stage a sharp sting may be felt momentarily that subsides over short time. Avoid touching the eyes if you got medicine on your fingers or hands. Not be used inside the eyes.

*Individual results may vary for symptoms relief.
Chronic and resistant strains of the virus may require more use of the product and take longer period to heal

Not recommedned for use while pregnant or breastfeeding



Active Ingredients: Calendula Officinalis Flower extract liquid 0.5mg/g Equiv. to Calendula Officinalis dry flower 0.25mg/g, Hypericum Perforatum Flower extract liquid 0.5mg/g Equiv. to Hypericum Perforatum dry Flower 0.25mg/g, Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 64mg/g Equiv. Cupric Sulphate 40mg/g