Reach Access Flosser Clean Paste Starter Pack

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General Product Description

To clean those hard to reach places where plaque hides, try Reach Access Flosser makes flossing as easy as brushing. Dentists recommend flossing regularly to help remove more plaque than brushing alone. Reach® Access Flosser Starter Pack comes with with 8 disposable waxed refill heads. Makes flossing as easy as brushing. Long, comfortable handle makes it easy to insert between teeth & hard to reach places removing the hidden plaque.

Boxed Contents: Handle + 8 pcs Size: Handle + 8 pcs


Key Features

  • Starter pack
  • Waxed coated
  • 8 Disposable refill heads


Directions for use

To use:

  • Move floss up and down between each tooth
  • Rinse floss as needed
  • Replace floss head after every use To remove Floss Head 
  • Place handle on hard surface
  • Put finger on neck of handle
  • Press down gently to release floss head To attach Floss Head
  • With floss facing up, insert handle with Reach® side up through the centre of the head
  • Align notches and push down to snap into place



For adults and children from age 6 and up with adult supervision Keep out of reach of children under 6 years. Dentists recommend flossing regularly to help remove more plaque than brushing alone