SurgiPack Safe-T-Dose Tablet Splitter & Crusher 4 In 1

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General Product Description

Crushes large, difficult to swallow tablets, Crushes most sized tablets or vitamins. Can also split tablets.


Key Features

  • Handy all in one tool with 4 in 1 uses
  • Stainless steel blade in lid for splitting pills
  • Built-in pill storage area
  • Separates easily and crushes pills with one twist.
  • Bottom serves as drinking cup.


Directions for Use

To Crush

1. Unscrew crusher cap, place tablets into container and replace cap.
2. Turn the crusher cap back and forth to crush the tablet.
3. Repeat the back and forth movement until a uniform powder has been achieved.
4. Remove cap to empty crushed tablets.
5. To store tablet unscrew bottom, fill container with tablets and replace cap.

To Split

  1. Position tablet in the base of the V section in the cap. 
  2. Close the lid to bring down the blade



Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Caution: Some medications should not be crushed. Do not crush or split any medication that has "Swallow Whole" as a dosing instruction. Tablet splitting blade is sharp. handle with care