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Best Walking Stick Accessories | Blooms The Chemist

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 30 Sep 2020

Best Walking Stick Accessories | Blooms The Chemist

Here at Blooms The Chemist we have a range of products to suit all of your mobility needs. If you require a walking stick in order to move around, then we have some walking stick accessories that can be used to allow for more support and stability.

The Walking Stick Holder is designed to keep your cane upright where you need it. The ergonomic design makes it safe and easy to keep your cane upright, allowing you to easily retrieve it when needed. The walking stick holder is 100% latex free and will easily attach to any surface. The holder can be used in a range of places. The walking stick holder works with most walking sticks and you can find it online here.

The Walking Stick Strap can be easily attached to most walking sticks. The nylon woven wrist strap is attached to a metal loop and elastic band which fits over the neck of the walking stick. The walking stick strap makes it easy for you to continue using your hand without the need to put your walking stick down while out and about shopping, getting in and out of the car and anywhere you may need your walking stick without the risk of it being accidentally dropped. You can find it online here.

Our Blooms The Chemist Pharmacy team provide friendly service and trusted advice, helping you to choose the right products for you. Our Blooms The Chemist Independent Living range can be found in-store or online here.