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Burning Out | Blooms The Chemist Blog | Mental Health

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 13 Oct 2020

Burning Out | Blooms The Chemist Blog | Mental Health

Are you constantly on edge, your to-do list overflowing with extra responsibilities? You may be dealing with the unmistakable signs of overachiever burnout. The signs can include exhaustion, inability to focus properly and irritability, especially when it comes to a co-worker’s aggravating question. Ambition is vital but when that compromises your health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically, something needs to change.

Contrary to popular belief, don’t say yes to everything

Most of us aim to please and want to help out when we can, but sometimes we can just take on too much. The common consensus has been to say yes to everything and grab what you can, but this isn’t always possible. If you suffer from the problem of always saying yes, then it’s best to recognise your own limitations and set some boundaries with yourself and your co-workers. Remember to take sick days when you need them and please don’t be a martyr and come to work with a cold. Instead rest and recuperate so you can get back to work sooner and avoid the hostile stares from co-workers as you try and supress your coughing fit.

The everchanging mountain of success

Picture this; you’ve spent the last three years working towards your promotion, burning out in the process. You achieve it and the thrill lasts for a good minute before your brain reorganises itself and creates another goal to achieve, the cycle continuing again. Our goals are not static and when one is reached another one quickly takes its place. That’s why it’s so important to live in the present and to constantly take note of where you are in your journey, because if you are always burning out then you can’t possibly enjoy the fruits of your labour. Meditation has been found to be a useful tool in training your brain to focus on the present as well as a way to reduce stress. Gratitude journalling is also a great way to concentrate on everything that is going right in your life, and the things you can be appreciative of while aiming to achieve more.

The matter of multi-tasking

By increasing your workload, you can become more inclined to multitask to get everything done on time. According to research from the University of Houston, multitasking in the workplace can lead to negative emotions including stress, sadness and fear. [1] If you are constantly piling more responsibilities onto your plate and switching between them all, then you can’t be working at your highest capacity. Another study concluded that multitasking can overload the brain, reducing productivity by as much as 40%. [2] It is recommended to focus instead on a single task at a time, allowing your brain to work more efficiently.

Your local Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist is often the most accessible health professional for people who need health advice for body and mind. Our Pharmacists are undertaking training in mental health first aid, becoming a resource in the community for customers to chat to. If you're ever worried about yourself or someone else, or need advice on medications - Contact your local Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist for professional support and advice.

[1] Multitasking in the workplace can lead to negative emotions.

[2] Movie research results: Multitasking overloads the brain.