Blooms The Chemist Foam Ear Plugs 6 Pairs

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General Product Description

BTC Foam Straight Cut Ear Plugs are made of extremely soft foam and successfully reduce noise up to 33DB. Excellent for sleep, work, study & travel. When properly selected and used, the  foam of the earplug conforms comfortably to your ear canal and offer exceptional noise reduction.


Key Features 

  • Noise reduction rating of 33DB
  • Soft Comfortable Foam
  • Handy Storage case


Directions for Use

  1. Using clean hands, roll the plug between the thumb & fingers into a tight cylinder
  2. With the opposite hand pull out the outer ear to straighten the ear canal
  3. Quickly insert ear plug into the ear canal and hold it until it expands for a comfortable, secure fit

Incorrect fit will reduce effectiveness

Discard after several uses or as soon as dirt or ear wax accumulates on the ear plug



Keep away from infants and small children.