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Canesten is dedicated to freeing people worldwide from the discomfort of intimate and fungal skin infections and has been an anti-fungal expert since the 1960s.

Explore our Canesten products below and get the comfort you deserve today.  

Canesten FAQS  

What is Canesten cream used for?  
Canesten has two ranges of products. Canesten focus on fungal infections that impact women, including thrush, bacterial vaginosis and vaginal dryness.   

They also focus on skin and foot health, with a range of products that can treat athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, sweat rash, fungal nappy rash and beach fungus.  

What does Canesten get rid of?  
Canesten products can help you treat fungal infections, which include thrush, vaginal dryness, bacterial vaginosis, ringworm, sweat rash, jock itch, athlete’s foot and more.  


It’s recommended that you follow the directions on the Canesten product you’ve purchased to see how long it will take for Canesten to treat your fungal infection, as it varies from one to four weeks, depending on what you have.  

What ingredients do Canesten use in their products?  
Canesten products use two main active ingredients in their range of women’s health and footcare fungal infection products.   
Some products may use Bifonazole, whereas others will use Clotrimazole. Bifonazole remains on the skin longer than Clotrimazole, but both ingredients effectively treat common fungal infections.   

Can you get Canesten over the counter?  
Yes, you can. Canesten foot health products are available in the footcare or skincare aisle. 

For women’s Canesten products are usually behind the dispensary. Still, you just need to ask our friendly staff for the product you need after a short consultation with the Pharmacist. You do not need a prescription for Canesten thrust treatments.