Durex Regular Condoms 10 pack

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General Product Description

Durex Regular Condoms are the original Durex condom for basic confidence.


World's No1 condom brand, with over 80 years of experience, Durex is trusted by millions of lovers across the world every day.


Durex conducts regular testing to ensure it meets worldwide condom standards, giving you the confidence to love the sex you have.

Durex Easy-On condoms are specifically shaped to be easier to put on and more comfortable to wear. 

Protecting you and the planet with responsibly sourced latex and sustainable cartons. 

The special way we make our condoms means they smell better. 


Box contains 10 condoms. 


Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy-On shaped and teat ended
  • Transparent lubricated natural rubber latex
  • Nominal width: 56mm
  • Dermatologically tested


Directions for Use 

It’s good to be in the know, so read the info inside, especially if you are using condoms for anal or oral sex.


Proper use of these condoms will reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy, sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS. Condoms are an efficient barrier, however no method of contraception can provide 100% protection. 


Use a condom only once.



Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use if box has been opened or easy open tab has been perforated.



Natural rubber latex