Elastoplast Waterproof 4XL Dressing 10 x 20cm 5 Pack

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General Product Description

Elastoplast Waterproof 4XL dressings are sterile wound dressings for waterproof protection of everyday medium to larger wounds. With their waterproof, flexible film and strong adhesion, the dressings are ideal for washing, showering, bathing, swimming or other wet/water-based activity. The extra-large wound pad cushions your wound without sticking to it, providing high comfort during wear and has strong adhesion, keeping the dressing on through various types of conditions. 


Key Features

  • Waterproof and breathable: waterproof 4XL dressings are transparent and can be used while showering
  • Strong adhesion: keeps the plaster on through various conditions
  • Latex free: sterile with highly absorbent, non-stick wound pad
  • Protects like a second skin: the flexible, breathable adhesive material acts as a second skin, completely sealing off wounds even while wet to deliver infection protection
  • Skin friendly: suitable for covering large wounds, especially for covering wounds after surgery or after seeing a doctor



Always read and follow the directions for use. Monitor the healing of all wounds and seek medical attention if infection is suspected