Gaviscon Infant Powder Sachets for Regurgitation and Gastic Reflux 30 Pack

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General Product Description

Gaviscon Infant Powder for Oral Suspension mixes with and stabilises the stomach contents to prevent reflux and regurgitation. This Infant Powder is specially designed for little tummies and comes in convenient sachets for easy dose control. The regurgitation and reflux powder thickens stomach contents to make it harder for liquid to come up the food pipe, reducing the number of times a baby brings up milk by nearly two thirds.
Gaviscon Infant Reflux and Regurgitation Powder is sugar free.
Not suitable for infants under 1 year of age.


Key Features

  • Powder for oral suspension
  • For regurgitation and gastric reflux
  • Prevents reflux and regurgitation by mixing with and stabilising the stomach contents
  • Suitable for infants and young children


Directions For use

Breast-fed 1-2 years: Add 5ml of cooled, boiled water to the powder in a glass. Mix to a smooth paste and add another 10ml water to the mix. Give after each feed, using a spoon or feeding bottle. 

Bottle-fed 1-2 years Under 4.5kg: Mix into no less than 115ml of each feed in the bottle and shake well. 

Bottle-fed 1-2 years Over 4.5kg: Mix into no less than 225ml of each feed in the bottle and shake well.



Always read and follow the directions for use. Keep out of reach and sight of children.

  • Do not use Gaviscon Infant with other feed thickening agents or infant milk preparations containing a thickening agent.
  • Do not use more than the stated amount. Do not give more than six times in 24 hours. maximum daily dose for infants over 4.5 kg (10lb) or for young children, equates to intake of 3.45g of mannitol E421.
  • Products containing mannitol may have a laxative effect cause diarrhoea.

If your infant has been put on low sodium (salt) diet ask your doctor or other health professional before taking the product. 



Each dose of powder contains: Sodium Alginate 225mg, Magnesium Alginate 87.5mg. Also contains Mannitol E421