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Manage dehydration and replenish your body with electrolytes and water with Hydralyte. They offer a variety of products to help you stay hydrated, including oral electrolyte solutions, effervescent tablets, and more. Explore our range below. 

Hydralyte FAQS 

Can I drink Hydralyte every day? 
Yes, you can. Hydralyte is an oral rehydration solution, so you can take it every day if you wish. Hydralyte is also suitable for people of any age, from newborns to older people. 

What does Hydralyte do? 
Hydralyte is scientifically formulated to hydrate you faster than water alone due to the amount of glucose and electrolytes in the Hydralyte formula. This formula allows fluids to enter your bloodstream faster than water alone. 

Hydralyte helps to replace water and eletrolytes in your body that are lost through dehydration, intense exercise, vomiting or heavy sweating. 

Having the right amount of fluids and minerals in your body is essential for normal day to day functioning, which is why it’s important to stay hydrated where you can. 

Does Hydralyte have sugar? 
Hydralyte does contain sugar at a low concentration, which is around 1 gram to 3.8 grams depending on which product you buy. It also has a sweetener in it called sucralose, which is a modified form of table sugar.