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For those experiencing constipation, Movicol offers a gentle and natural way to relieve discomfort. It is suitable for both adults and children aged two and over.

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Movicol FAQS 

How quickly does Movicol work? 
You shouldn’t be concerned if Movicol doesn’t work immediately, as it generally takes one to two days to trigger the first bowel movement. 

Can I mix Movicol with something other than water? 
In ideal circumstances, it should only be mixed with water, but you can add a small amount of cordial into the mixed solution if you want. 

Is it better to take Movicol at night or in the morning? 
This depends on how many sachets of Movicol you’re taking. If you’re taking more than one sachet a day, you can spread them out over the day or take them in one go if you wish.  

However, it’s important to follow the packet instructions as each adult sachet must be dissolved in 125mls of water and a junior sachet must be dissolved in 67.5mls of water. 

Are there any side effects to Movicol? 
Like all medicines, Movicol can have side effects. You may experience indigestion, stomach aches, rumbling, a bloated feeling or nausea. 

If you are experiencing side effects, talk to your doctor or pharmacist who may suggest reducing the amount of Movicol you’re taking. 

Is Movicol a laxative or stool softener? 
Movicol is a laxative used to treat constipation in adults, teenagers and the elderly.  

It works by bringing water to the hard dry stool in your colon, bulking it up with water retained by Movicol and activating a bowel movement by naturally triggering colonic activity.