Movicol Junior Flavour Free Powder 6.563g - 30 Sachets

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Key Features & Benefits:
    Chronic Constipation Treatment, Restores Healthy Bowel Movement, Easy To Prepare And Use, Suitable For Adults And Children Over 12 Years

General Product Description

Movicol Junior provides effective relief and treatment of chronic constipation. The laxative works in harmony with your body's natural processes to gently restore healthy bowel movements. Movicol is easy to prepare and use, and comes in a wide variety of flavours. This Junior Strength formulation is suitable for constipation in children aged 2 – 11 years.


Key Features

  • Not a stimulant laxative
  • Acts locally in the bowel and is not absorbed by the body
  • Great chocalte flavour that mixes into a colourless solution
  • Lactose, Gluten and sucrose free


Directions for Use

Dissolve the contents of one sachet in ¼ cup (about 62.5 mL) of water then drink it. Dosage is flexible so please see the leaflet inside the pack for full details



Always read and follow the directions for use

  • Not recommended for Childre under 2 years
  • Use should be limited to 12 weeks unless advised by your Doctor
  • Do not exceed the maximum daily daose
  • If pregnant or planning a pregnancy, consult your Doctor before use
  • If symptoms persist seek medical advice

If you are unsure about whether this product is right for you, we invite you to contact a member of your local Blooms The Chemist team for expert advice and health support.



Active: Macrogol 3350 6.563 g, Sodium chloride 175.4 mg, Sodium bicarbonate 89.3 mg, Potassium chloride 15.9 mg