Nexcare Self-Stick Compression Wrap 75mm x 2m

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General Product Description

Nexcare™ Self-Stick Compression Wrap is a breathable, self-adherent wrap. Ideal for securing dressings to fragile or sensitive skin, including for children or the elderly. Wraps also provide self adhering compression support for swelling or weak joints such as ankles and may help relieve pain.

Wrap stays in place even when wet, does not stick to skin or hair (stick to themselves)  and leave no residue on the skin.

They are hypoallergenic, and are made from latex free materials, also known as Coban LF in hospitals.  


Key Features & Benefits

  • Breathable, self-adherent compression wrap
  • Secures dressings to fragile or sensitive skin
  • Support for sprain and strain injuries


Directions for Use

1. Unroll from the roll to relieve tension in the wrap before applying.

2. Apply the length without stretching, overlap the wrap by 5-10mm on each turn. Tear off any excess wrap. 

3. Once wrapping is complete, check tension. If too tight, unwrap and redo until comfortable. 

4. Remove and re-apply at least once every 24 hours. 



Always read the instructions and use strictly as directed.

Wrapping too tightly may impair circulation. If skin discolouration, tingling or cold sensation ocur, remove immediately. It is designed to not slip or loosen after application, therefore to avoid impairing circulation which can cause serious injury, DO NOT wrap too tightly. The risk of impaired circulation is higher for children.

As with any injury, it is important to frequently monitor the area (at least every 24 hours). If signs of swelling, discoloration, pain, numbness, tingling, or other changes in sensation occur, remove wrap immediately and contact your health care provider.

Do not place wrap in direct contact with an open wound because it may lead to infection.

Do not reuse wrap.

If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.



Latex free Coban LF