Opsite Flexifix Adhesive Film Roll 10cm x1m

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General Product Description

Opsite Flexifix is a clear, adhesive film on a roll that is non-sterile, waterproof and bacteria proof. 

OpSite Flexifix has been designed to allow easy application of the film to awkward areas of the body and over dressings and tubes. The film is highly conformable and extensible to increase patient comfort.

It combines all the advantages of OpSite film with a unique application system, to allow easy and secure fixation of all kinds of dressings.

OpSite's strong, flexible film also offers protection against skin breakdown due to friction and moisture.

The unique roll format enables rapid and economical use of the OpSite film to create discreet fixation for dressings.


Key Features & Benefits
  • Transparent adhesive 1metre film roll
  • Used for fixing dressings and blister prevention
  • Waterproof and bacteria proof
  • High moisture vapour permeability allowing the skin to breathe
  • Adaptable to awkward areas
Directions for Use
  1. Cut off the desired length of film from roll.
  2. Fold the strip along its length to crack the protective papers.
  3. Remove the backing paper marked No. 1 "remove first".
  4. Apply the adhesive film to desired area and smooth down.
  5. Remove the green squared grid carrier, marked No 3
  6. To remove the film, gently stretch the film parallel to the skin and lift off



Always read the label. 



A thin polyurethane membrane coated with a layer of acrylic adhesive.