Optimel Manuka Dry Eye Drops 10ml

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Product General Description
Melcare's Optimel Antibacterial Manuka+ Eye Gel contains a standardised antibacterial Manuka honey developed from Leptospermum sp. and is preservative free for moderate to severe dry eye.
Melcare's Optimel Antibacterial Manuka+ Eye Gel helps improve eye surface health and reduce inflammation.

Optimel Antibacterial Manuka+ Eye Gel assist the surface health of the eye by creating a microenvironment that supports healing and prevents further damage. When applied to the surface of the eye, Optimel Antibacterial Manuka+ Eye Gel provide a barrier that through low pH, acts on bacteria that may potentially colonise the traumatised surface. 

Directions For Use
Instil 1 drop on the the inside of the lower eyelid, three times a day or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Leptospermum sp Honey, Sodium Chloride & Benzoic Acid.

Always read the label & use only as directed. For single patient use only. Use should be managed under the supervision of an eye care professional.
For any reaction other than the transient stinging and redness, cease use and contact your eye care professional.
Do not use if hypersensitive to bee products or food gums. Do not instil whilst wearing contact lenses. Wait atleast 30 minutes before inserting lenses.