Blooms the Chemist Plantar Fascia Insole Mens 7-12- 1 Pair

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General Product Description

BTC Plantar Fascia Orthotic Insole supports the critical arch and heel area to provide comfort. The Plantar Fascia, the tissue that connects the ball of the foot to the heel, can become inflamed due to repeated stress and improper gait, potentially causing heel spurs. The firm arch plate and deep heel cup support and stabilise your foot for everyday comfort.


Key Features

  • Slim 3/4 length design won't crowd toes and fits more easily into casual, dress and athletic shoes
  • Arch plate supports plantar fascia & works to increase comfort
  • Heel cup provides stability
  • Gel drop to provide additional cushioning


Directions for Use

Place the BTC insole directly on top of the existing insole, or remove th existing insole and place the BTC Insole directly onto the footbed of your shoe. Using either method, align the heel of your new insole with the heel of the shoe. 



If pain persists, discontinue use and consult a professional for advice.