Elastoplast Medium Weight Crepe Bandage Unstretched 7.5cm x 1.6m

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Dressing retention where light peripheral or moderate compression and support are required
  • Ongoing support for minor sprains and strains
  • Medium to long-term bandaging


General Product Description

Elastoplast Medium Weight Crepe Bandage Unstretched is for light compression to reduce swelling and dressing retention. 

Elastoplast Crepe Bandages are strong support crepes for medium to long-term bandaging requirements.

The medium weight crepe bandage is suitable for use as a dressing retention and for keeping gauze in place, stemming bleeding, and providing light compression.

Elastoplast Crepe Bandages provide ongoing support for minor sprains and strains. Suitable for use wrist and ankle injuries, knee joint pain, and around the elbow and arm.


Directions for Use

For Dressing Retention firmly wrap the injured area using a figure 8 shape, or overlap for limb areas such as forearm or calf. Ensure that the areas above and below the injury are covered.



Always ensure the binding is comfortable. Should any numbness or tingling sensation arise, unwrap the bandage & rebind less tightly.

Seek medical advice immediately for all serious injuries.

Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your Health Care Professional.



Please see pack for detail.