Vagisil Feminine Itching Cream Medication 25g

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Features & Benefits

  • Gives prompt temporary relief.
  • Helps stop the itching, cool burning & soothe irritation.
  • Fast working anaesthetic formula.
  • Non-staining and greaseless.


General Product Description

Vagisil Cream helps stop the itching, cool the burning and soothe irritation. Your period, perspiration and tight clothes can often cause intimate itch and irritation. Vagisil Feminine Itching Cream Medication has been formulated to give prompt temporary relief from the discomfort of minor itching, burning and irritations in the external vaginal area. The anaesthetic in Vagisil works fast to help stop the itching, cool the burning and soothe irritation. Vagisil is non-staining and greaseless.

Keep Vagisil Feminine Itching Cream Medication on-hand in your bathroom cabinet for fast, easy and gentle relief whenever awkward itch arises. 



Apply Vagisil Cream to the affected external vaginal area. Repeat as needed three or four times daily



Not for prolonged use. For the relief of minor external vaginal irritation when not associated with untreated vaginal infections.

Do not use Vagisil and see your doctor if:

  • You have or you develop any signs or symptoms of a vaginal infection (such as abnormal discharge, pain with intercourse, painful urination, redness or swelling)
  • Itching persists or worsens, or an allergic reaction occurs.

Not suitable for use in children. Keep out of reach of children. Do not get Vagisil into eyes.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.



Active Ingredients: Benzocaine 50mg/g, Resorcinol 20mg/g. Also contains: Methyl hydroxybenzoate 2mg/g & Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous 5mg/g.