Bright Wipe Antifog Lens Cleaning Kit 30ml

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Multi-purpose lens care spray cleans and provides 24 hour anti-fog protection
  • Safe and effective on all lenses and coatings, including AR coatings
  • Ideal for sunglasses, reading glasses, safety and sports lenses
  • Dry application and long-lasting effect
  • Also effective for cleaning camera lenses, and electronics like smartphones, laptops tablets, digital monitors, and car touch screen


General Product Description

This Brightwipe Antifog Lens Care Cleaning Kit has a multi-purpose formula that cleans the lenses on your glasses, cameras, smartphones and more. It is safe and effective on all lenses and coatings, including AR coatings, and includes a handy microfibre cloth for easy application.

It provides antifog protection for up to 24 hours. It is alcohol & ammonia free. The bottle contains 250 pumps per bottle.  The kit includes a handy microfibre cloth.


Directions for Use

Shake bottle before use.
Spray each side of the lens, then gently wipe lens  with the soft microfibre cloth until clean and dry.



Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use if rash or skin irritation is present. 
Not for use on contact lenses.
Keep out of reach of children.

Combustible, keep away from flames and hot surfaces.

Do not use on lenses with damaged or scratched surfaces.