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Nicotinell Gum Fruit 2mg - 144 Pack

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Key Features & Benefits:
    Quit-smoking Aid, Easy To Chew, Pleasant Fruit Flavour

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General Product Description

Nicotinell Gum helps control nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms throughout the day with a great-tasting fruit flavour that is pleasant to chew. The regular strength gum is suggested for use by smokers of less than 20 a day.


Size: 144 Pack



Before use always read the label and follow all manufacturers instructions and directions. If you are unsure about whether this product is right for you, we invite you to contact a member of your local Blooms The Chemist team for expert advice and health support. Incorrect use could be harmful.



Contains nicotine 2mg per gum. Contains saccharin sodium. Contains sorbitol xylitol and mannitol - total 0.4g/gum or 8g/gums. Product containing these ingredients may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea. Contains 11.5mg or 0.5 mmol sodium/gum ( 230 mg or 10 mmol/20 gums) which should be taken into account by those on a low sodium diet