Quality Health Glucosamine Chondroitin & Turmeric 100 Tablets

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General Product Description

Quality Health Glucosamine Chondroitin & Turmeric combines 3 researched ingredients glucosamine, chondroitin and turmeric which specially target joint pain, joint inflammation, joint swelling, joint damage due to injury or mild osteoarthritis.
Glucosamine and Chondroitin are important natural components in cartilage health.

Glucosamine is a key component for jamor building blocks and the structural unit in cartilage, critical for joint elasticity, resilience and shock absorbing properties.
Chondroitin is known to help lubricate and provide nutrition to the joint helping the joint to resist damage and shock.
Turmeric is well documented for its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, antioxidant properties.

Works specially on the joint and cartilage, to help reduce pain and swelling, repairing and rebuilding the joints and cartilage, this in turn helps improve joint mobility and enhances quality of life.


Key Features

  • Contains 3 researched ingredients
  • Helps reduce joint pain, inflammation & swelling
  • Peanut, Gluten & Dairy Free


Directions for Use

Adults:Take 2 tablets a day or as recommendd by your health professional



Always read and follow the directions on the pack. If symptoms persist speak to your health professional. Not Suitable for people with seafood allergies. Contains Crustacea



Glucosamine hydrochloride 750mg.
Curcuma longa (Turmeric) rhizome ext. dry conc.std.equiv. rhizome dry 500mg.
Contains curcumins 32.5mg.
Chondroitin sulfate - bovine 200mg.
Piper nigrum (black pepper) Bioperine fruit ext dry conc std equiv to fruit dry 32.5mg.

Contains Crustacea and seafood derived ingredients